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Your Slip and Fall Injury Attorney in Southwestern VA and Northeastern TN

Slip and fall accidents involve small incidents with severe consequences. However, even a small fall can lead to large injuries, lost work time, and significant medical costs. All of these factors can add stress to your life to the point where the load can become overwhelming.

If you feel physically, emotionally, or financially devastated after a slip and fall injury, trust Arrington Schelin, a Professional Corporation to help you. Use our advice to build a case that secures the funds you need to fully recover.


What Is a Slip and Fall Case?

Make sure you receive the compensation you deserve with a slip and fall injury attorney. Slip and fall cases can occur whenever a home or business owner is negligent. Here are a few examples that could qualify as slip and fall cases:

  • Hurting your back on wet surfaces where there was no posted warning
  • Breaking an ankle on uneven, loose, or broken stairs that could have been repaired
  • Injuring a hip in a nursing home that lacks proper support facilities and staff
  • Fracturing a bone on a frozen pathway that should have been cleared

How Does a Slip and Fall Case Work?

When you have a slip and fall injury, our attorney will meet with you to discuss your case. We will investigate to provide the evidence of liability and help you prove your claim's legitimacy. We will negotiate on your behalf and take the case as far as necessary to protect your interests.

When you need a slip and fall injury attorney, come to Arrington Schelin, a Professional Corporation. We work hard to help you receive the funds to pay your medical bills and recoup your lost earnings. Proudly serving Bristol (TN & VA), Kingsport, Johnson City, Elizabethton and surrounding areas; call 276-466-9111 to schedule a consultation today.